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EXTC - XTC's Terry Chambers and Friends

For almost four decades, XTC fans could only dream of witnessing the sensational XTC classic songbook played live. That dream has now become a reality. XTC’s legendary drummer, Terry Chambers, is back on the road with his band EXTC (named and approved by XTC frontman, Andy Partridge).The new EXTC website is bigger and better. There is now a proper gig page called EXTC LIVE! For you to buy all your concert tickets and see all the up-and-coming tour dates in our gig calendar. The new website now also has a Blogs & News page where you can catch up on the latest EXTC news, special features, and press announcements for album releases, tours, and gigs.

With new material already in the works, EXTC is a band on an upward trajectory. With their popularity gaining momentum and international tour schedules increasing, it is clear the sky is the limit for Terry Chambers and EXTC!

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Clan of Celts

Clan of Celts is a group of acclaimed musicians that have been playing together for many years. They have a unique original sound, with progressive traditional roots, and perform all original materials. Clan of Celts writes and produces all their songs. Fusing together all of their musical influences, ranging from folk to rock, country to metal and classical to punk. They drawer on all these elements and bring them into their traditional Irish sessions. The Clan of Celts website created by The Ragged Tiger, now has more features including, biographies, galleries, merchandise, events and blog page, plus much more!

The band is also back with a brand new line-up for 2022 

Clan of Celts is now entering an exciting new phase. They are currently writing and recording material for their new album, due to be released next year. You will find all updates and news about this on their news and blog page, as well as gig dates. We will update these pages regularly, so you’ll always be in the Clan of Celts loop. 

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